Fourth Preference [EB-4]: Special Immigrants

(A) Returning LPR– an immigrant, lawfully admitted for permanent residence, who is returning from a temporary visit abroad;

(B) Reacquiring U.S. citizenship– an immigrant who was a citizen of the United States and may, under section 324(a) or 327 of title III, apply for reacquisition of citizenship;

(C) Religious Worker (along with spouse/children). Requires two year prior membership in U.S. denomination, entering solely to minister;

(D) Employees of U.S. Government or Tawain for 15 years– an immigrant who is an employee, or an honorably retired former employee, of the United States Government abroad, or of the American Institute in Taiwan, and who has performed faithful service for a total of fifteen years, or more and his accompanying spouse and children;

(E) Employees of the Panama Canal Company or Canal Zone Government before the date on which the Panama Canal Treaty of 1977;

(F) International Medical Graduates if entered U.S. on H/J visa and was was fully and permanently licensed to practice medicine in a State on January 9, 1978, and was practicing medicine in a State on that date to present;

(J) Special Immigrant Juvenile who is under the age of 21 on the date of filing I-360, has been declared dependent by a juvenile court in U.S., who could not be reunified with parents due to abuse/neglect/abandonment, and where it is not in the best interest of child to be returned to home country.

(K) Other– A few other specialty categories not already listed. For a full listing see INA § 101(27).