O Visas [Extraordinary Ability/Achievement]

O-1A Visas [Persons with Extraordinary Ability]

For persons who have an extraordinary ability in the sciences arts, education, business or athletics which has been demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim. 8 CFR §214.2(o)(1)(ii)(A)(1). This is for the small percentage of people that have risen to the very top of their field. Some examples of proving sustained national or international acclaim include being recipient of major international award like the Nobel Prize or 3 of the following: 1) national or international awards; 2) membership in a group that requires outstanding achievement; 3) published in major trade publications; 4) major breakthroughs in the sciences; 5) author of scholarly work; 6) in a position of judgment of the work of others; 7) critical capacity employed at distinguished organization; 8) commands high salary in relation to others in field.

O-1B [Persons with record of Extraordinary Achievement]

For persons who are in motion picture or TV production and have demonstrated a record of extraordinary achievement. Extensive documentation required. Extraordinary achievement is marked by a “very high level of accomplishment in the motion picture or television industry evidenced by a degree of skill and recognition significantly above that ordinarily encountered.” 8 CFR 214.2(o)(3)(ii). Proving extraordinary achievement is similar to O-1A, except an even higher standard is required.

O-2 [Essential Assistants to O-1]

For persons accompanying an O-1 artist for a specific event(s) that is 1) integral part of performance; 2) has critical skills and experience with O-1 that cannot be performed by others; and 3) has foreign residence with no intentions of abandoning.

O-3 [Spouses and Children of O-1]

For spouses/children coming with O-1’s. Employment not authorized by this status.